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Welcome to the MatImage Wiki!

MatImage is a library for image processing with Matlab. It contains functions for processing, analysis, and exploration of 2D, 3D, grayscale or color images. It is built as a complement to the Image Processing Toolbox (IPT), and provides additional features as well as integration of IPT functions into more elaborate functions. The official page for MatImage project is (redirecting to this wiki).

The first version of MatImage was released on september 2nd, 2014. It is available for download.

The library is organized into several modules:

  • imFilters Image filters
  • imMeasures Measurement of various parameters in digital images
  • imShapes Generation of images representing geometric shapes
  • imStacks Functions for manipulation and display of 3D images
  • imMinkowski Geometric measures (Surface, Perimeter...) in 2D or 3D
  • imGeodesics Propagation of geodesic distances in images
  • util General purpose functions

Sourceforge project homepage, with links to file download, forum, similar projects...

See also the MatGeom project which can be used for manipulation of representation of geometric primitives obtained from digital images.