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The imStacks module is devoted to the manipulation and visualization of 3D images (grayscale, RGB color, label, vector images...).

The most elaborated function in this module is the Slicer application, a GUI for interactive visualization of 3D images.

Interactive Display

   Slicer         - GUI for exploration of 3D images, using Object Oriented Programming
   OrthoSlicer3d  - Display 3D interactive orthoslicer
   orthoSlices    - Display three orthogonal slices in the same figure

Visualisation routines

   orthoSlices3d  - Show three orthogonal slices of a 3D image
   slice3d        - Show a moving 3D slice of an image
   showXSlice     - Show YZ slice of a 3D image
   showYSlice     - Show ZX slice of a 3D image
   showZSlice     - Show XY slice of a 3D image

Read/Write 3D images

   readstack      - Read either a list of 2D images (slices), or a 3D image
   savebinstack   - Save an binary stack to a file, as RGB Image.
   savestack      - Save an image stack to a file or a serie of files

Read/Write images in MetaImage format (used by ITK)

   metaImageInfo  - Read information header of meta image data
   metaImageRead  - Read an image in MetaImage format
   metaImageWrite - Write header and data files of an image in MetaImage format

Get information on 3D images

   stackSize      - Compute the size of a 3D stack in [x y z] form
   stackExtent    - Compute the physical extent of a 3D image
   isColorStack   - Check if a 3D stack is color or gray-scale

Manipulation of 3D images

   createRGBStack - Concatenate 2 or 3 grayscale stacks to form a color stack
   stackSlice     - Extract a planar slice from a 3D image
   stackRotate90  - Rotate a 3D image by 90 degrees around one image axis
   rotateStack90  - Rotate a 3D image by 90 degrees around one image axis
   flipStack      - Flip a 3D image along specified X, Y, or Z dimension