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The imShapes module can be used to generate standard test shapes such as ball, torus, cube... with various resolutions and/or orientations. It requires the 'geom2d' and 'geom3d' module of the MatGeom library, as well as the 'imFilters' module.

Shapes 2D

   discretePoints        - discretize a set of points
   discreteDisc          - discretize a 3D Disc
   discreteEllipse       - discretize a planar ellipse
   discreteSquare        - discretize a planar square
   discreteRectangle     - discretize a planar rectangle
   discreteCapsule       - Create binary image of a planar capsule
   discretePolygon       - discretize a planar polygon
   discretePolyline      - discretize a planar polyline
   discreteHalfPlane     - discretize a half plane
   discreteParabola      - discretize a planar parabola
   discreteEgg           - Create a discrete image of egg
   discreteStarfish      - Discretize a starfish curve
   discreteTrefoil       - Discretize a trefoil curve
   discreteCurve         - discretize a planar curve

Shapes 3D

   discreteBall          - discretize a 3D Ball
   discreteHalfBall      - discretize a 3D half-ball
   discreteEllipsoid     - discretize a 3D ellipsoid
   discreteCuboid        - discretize a 3D cuboid
   discreteCube          - discretize a 3D cube
   discreteTorus         - discretize a 3D Torus
   discreteCylinder      - discretize a 3D cylinder
   discreteCapsule3d     - Create binary image of a 3D capsule
   discreteReuleauxRevol - discretize the revolution of a Reuleaux triangle


   imvoronoi2d           - generate a 2D voronoi image from a set of points
   imvoronoi3d           - generate a 3D voronoi image from a set of points
   dilatedVoronoi        - simulate a 'thick' voronoi tesselation
   imAWVoronoi           - generate Additively Weighted Voronoi Diagram image
   imPowerDiagram        - power diagramm of a set of points