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The imMeasures module provides several functions for measurements on digital images. Most functions are simple wrappers that manage 3D and/or color images, as well as eventual type conversion. Some geometrical measures are provided as well, for description of particles in binary or in label images.

Image exploration

   imHistogram                - Histogram of 2D/3D grayscale or color images
   imHistogramDialog          - Open a dialog to setup image histogram display options
   imColorHistogram           - Plot 3D histogram of a color image
   imLineProfile              - Evaluate image value along a line segment
   imEvaluate                 - Evaluate image value at given position(s)

Entropy and mutual information

   imJointHistogram           - Compute joint histogram of two images
   imEntropy                  - Compute entropy of an image
   imJointEntropy             - Joint entropy between two images
   imMutualInformation        - Mutual information between two images

Regions / particle analysis

   imCentroid                 - Centroid of regions in a label image
   imBoundingBox              - Bounding box of a binary or label image
   imInertiaEllipse           - Inertia ellipse of a binary or label image
   imInertiaEllipsoid         - Inertia ellipsoid of a 3D binary image
   imInscribedCircle          - Maximal circle inscribed in a particle
   imInscribedBall            - Maximal ball inscribed in a 3D particle
   imEnclosingCircle          - Minimal enclosing circle of a particle
   imOrientedBox              - Minimum-area oriented bounding box of particles in image
   imFeretDiameter            - Feret diameter of a particle(s) for a given direction(s)
   imMaxFeretDiameter         - Maximum Feret diameter of a binary or label image
   imConvexity                - Convexity of particles in label image
   imRegionFun                - Apply a function to each region of a label image

Particle moments

   imMoment                   - Compute simple moment(s) of an image
   imCMoment                  - Compute centered moment of an image
   imCSMoment                 - Compute centered and scaled moment of an image
   imHuInvariants             - Compute Hu's invariant for an image

Geometrical measures from binary images

   perimeter                  - estimate perimeter of a structure
   epc                        - compute Euler-Poincare Characteristic (EPC) of a structure.
   tpl                        - compute total projection length
   specificSurface            - implementation of Ohser's algo for surface comput.
   specificIntMeanCurv        - Ohser's Integral of Mean Curvature
   specificIntMeanCurvDetails - Ohser's Integral of Mean Curvature with details

General information on images

   imSize                     - Compute the size of an image in [x y z] order
   is3DImage                  - Check if an image is 3D
   isColorImage               - Check if an image is a color image
   imPhysicalExtent           - Compute the physical extent of an image
   imGrayscaleExtent          - Grayscale extent of an image
   imFindLabels               - Find unique labels in a label image

Descriptive statistics on pixel values

   imSum                      - Sum of a grayscale image, or sum of each color component
   imMean                     - Mean of a grayscale image, or mean of each color component
   imStd                      - Standard deviation of pixel values
   imVar                      - Variance of a grayscale image, or of each color component
   imMin                      - Minimum value of a grayscale image, or of each color component
   imMax                      - Maximum value of a grayscale image, or of each color component
   imMedian                   - Median value of a grayscale image, or of each color component
   imQuantile                 - Computes value that threshold a given proportion of pixels
   imMode                     - Mode of pixel values in an image

Extract geometric primitives

   imFind                     - Return coordinates of non-zero pixels in an image
   imRAG                      - Region adjacency graph of a labeled image
   imContours                 - Extract polygonal contours of a binary image
   imBinaryToGraph            - Transform a binary image into a graph structure